Saturday, October 17, 2009

Is Your Ribbon Wrinkled?

I am trying to do the whole reduce, reuse recycle/upcycle. So a lot of the ribbon I acquire looks like the ribbon in this picture.I found out that my flat iron is perfect for bringing this tired, wrinkled ribbon back to life.
Just a few seconds thru the flat iron and ta-da . Refreshed ribbon!!! Just thought I'd pass on this recycling tip.

See my shiny, happy ribbon!!!!! Now to find a project to use them in, hhhmmmm................

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

First Travel Journal

I spray painted some brown paper bags, large envelopes & paper for this journal. The pics are in reverse order. So here is the back page. You can see that I used brads (can't think of what they are called right now) to "bind" this. The silver is a ribbon glued to cereal box strips. I had a stapler & glue stick to adhere stuff.
The first pages here. My sister brought some greek yogurt. Yummy! I ate both containers!
I love the topiary tree stamp I got for a quarter. I embellished it on this page.

This is the front cover. Oh I found some scotch tape for these. I am not totally done with this journal. I want to add the dates to the cover, maybe some shells.

Here you can see the pieces before assembling began. This was fun to make as well as play in. I learned that spray paint is difficult for a glue stick to adhere to. & I wish that I had some white spray paint. (On my to get list)