Friday, March 26, 2010

Journal Page & Remains Of The Day Journal

This journal spread is in my small moleskin. The background is from me swiping the left over paint off my brush. I do that all the time, rather than rinse all of that paint off I swipe the brush on another page. It eliminates that blank canvas fear!

These are pages from my 2nd Remains Of the Day Journal from Mary Ann Moss. A very cool on-line class to take!!!!

The page on the left has an envelope pocket & on the right the kitty card flips out, for more journaling space, plus it has fabric & trim on the bottom.

The left page is a transparency I printed out. I had never done that before-it was fun! (ya, strange I know! but it was!). I sewed an envelope behind it to create a pocket to stash stuff & so the design was more visible.

This is where the above pages & many more are housed. I made this cover from an old (clean) place mat, some trim, ribbon, fabric scraps, flower is fabric & paper, plus free motion embroidery.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Signs of Spring

Blue Sky's

Grandchildren Playing Outside
Wearing Hoodies

Bouncing Balls
Sidewalk Chalk
Warm Sunshine