Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Little Spring on these Rainy Days

Faces of Spring

the buds of the hostas

the curls of the ferns

the tulips say


to the daffodils

as that which is


begins to stretch her wings


Laura Kay


Morris Dancers

Click the title to get to the YouTube video. This is another spread in one of my art journals. The prompt is from Milliande at http://milliande.ning.com/ . As I watched this clip I was to think about form, movement, color, shape & emotional response. So this is my interpretation. The picture is my mom! She is so beautiful!
This book is almost full!! I like this size. I still have to get more books to journal in.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Small Canvas

This is my recent creation. I feel so-so about it. It looks best close up. It doesn't follow that 10 foot "rule" for landscape or still life painting. Oh well. Maybe the next one will. I had fun doing it. I don't have to many stretched canvases to work on right now. I have to find the good sales on them!!! There are a lot of textures in this. I attached the pussy willow branches with metal fasteners.

I am off to do a cover of my first soul journal altered book. It is almost full and Sarah W at
Caspiana and Kathryn at collagediva (see the links at the side, I can't paste the links right now?!)are creating their own place for prompts. So I want to start 2 more books. I have used altered books for the prompts and now I'm trying to decide on which to use. A stop at my local used book shop or at a craft shop? decisions---decisions!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


My 45th birthday was yesterday!!! Wooo Hoo!! My very generous family gave me a Kindle http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00154JDAI/ref=sv_kinc_0 .

This is such a wonderful gift!!! It makes reading a book SO much easier!! I have been limited in the books I can read. Due to some health issues. I could only read the larger paperbacks. My husband cut World Without End by Ken Follett in half. So I would be able to hold the book. Hey I just realized he is now an altered book artist!!

The Kindle has so many great features! I can increase the font size, for those "crazy eyes" days. It even has a read to me feature. This is only a tad bit mechanical sounding. There are books, newspapers, magazines & blogs that I can receive. The photo images are good as well although they are in black & white.

I purchased my first book. It was about $6.50.
So now I will be able to go back to reading!!!! I am SO Very Happy!! Now I will have to choose between reading and creating. Oh no!
I will just have to remember what Margaret Atwood said:
" more of your brain is
involved when reading than it is when you watch TV.....
because you are
supplying just about everything......
you are a

Friday, April 10, 2009

Who Is This?

I had a little fun today and put this in my recycled journal. I found this on the back of a cereal box. I tested some of my family and they weren't sure. Do you know?

Good Luck!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Few Pics

This is the first page of my Hell Yeah journal. I splurged and bought a watercolor book. I wanted one half the length and thicker. But AC Moore only had that size in sketch paper. I guess I'll look on the Internet or make my own that size. I have never made my own book.

Well my recycled journals are "bound" with note book rings.
My sister just gave me a circa set from Levenger. I'll play with that and see if I can use that for my Journals!!

AAAAHHHH !!!! I just lost the pic of my first page. CRAP!!! I just don't understand how to manage the pics.
Each time I play with the text the pictures move & I can't get them to stay in the order I want!!!!!
Anyway, these are some pages & parts of pages. I love how watercolor paper plays with the different mediums.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thanks Aimeslee

Aimeslee over at paper paisleys (click on the title up there) gave me a blogger award! ~smiling~ So now I have to tell 7 things about myself.......hhhhmmmmm.....

  1. I love dogs & cats
  2. I don't like snakes
  3. I am frugal by nature & nurture
  4. I love to ride on motorcycles
  5. I eat very close to a vegetarian diet
  6. I like dessert & a good cup of coffee
  7. I am reading World with Out End by Ken Follett