Saturday, April 11, 2009


My 45th birthday was yesterday!!! Wooo Hoo!! My very generous family gave me a Kindle .

This is such a wonderful gift!!! It makes reading a book SO much easier!! I have been limited in the books I can read. Due to some health issues. I could only read the larger paperbacks. My husband cut World Without End by Ken Follett in half. So I would be able to hold the book. Hey I just realized he is now an altered book artist!!

The Kindle has so many great features! I can increase the font size, for those "crazy eyes" days. It even has a read to me feature. This is only a tad bit mechanical sounding. There are books, newspapers, magazines & blogs that I can receive. The photo images are good as well although they are in black & white.

I purchased my first book. It was about $6.50.
So now I will be able to go back to reading!!!! I am SO Very Happy!! Now I will have to choose between reading and creating. Oh no!
I will just have to remember what Margaret Atwood said:
" more of your brain is
involved when reading than it is when you watch TV.....
because you are
supplying just about everything......
you are a

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Cathee said...

Hi Laura thanks for popping in at my blog! i love to read as well and can never decide between reading or crafting or just looking at great blogs!! Have a great day and happy bithday !