Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Small Canvas

This is my recent creation. I feel so-so about it. It looks best close up. It doesn't follow that 10 foot "rule" for landscape or still life painting. Oh well. Maybe the next one will. I had fun doing it. I don't have to many stretched canvases to work on right now. I have to find the good sales on them!!! There are a lot of textures in this. I attached the pussy willow branches with metal fasteners.

I am off to do a cover of my first soul journal altered book. It is almost full and Sarah W at
Caspiana and Kathryn at collagediva (see the links at the side, I can't paste the links right now?!)are creating their own place for prompts. So I want to start 2 more books. I have used altered books for the prompts and now I'm trying to decide on which to use. A stop at my local used book shop or at a craft shop? decisions---decisions!!


TonyaA said...

Beautiful work!
Blessings, peace, and love to you!

Neen said...

Ask and you shall receive. I just bought a ton of canvas at Blicks. They're having a mega sale until May 31. Here's the link:
Love the layers and all the details. And I adore pussy willows! They don't grow here in San Diego.
Happy Arting!!

Laura Kay said...

Nina, Thank you SO much!!! You are right that is a mega sale!!! said...

Hey there, no regrets, seriously I think this is so good, no need to feel badly. it is good.
Try walmart, canvas is not gallery style but it is offordable.

Apple said...

Pretty canvas!!! Thank you for following me!!!