Monday, January 26, 2009

Works in Progress

These are a few of the pieces I have been working on. I like to have pieces in various stages of completion. I flip through my journals and look for a page to work on or something to do during drying time. Sometimes an idea just jumps out at me and sometimes I just sit and stare at a page that I want to work on. When I am stuck I start doodling on a page torn from one of my books. And usually I can use these doodles later. I have been doing pretty good with my goal of creating everyday. I just haven't been good at taking pictures lately!!

Skinny Book Pages

I have finished my 25 skinny book pages for a swap over at . Sherre is hosting this one. There are 3 groups of 25 participating. The theme is winter. This is the 3rd swap I've participated in. The first was the 2008 fat book swap of 120 pages (sherre hosted that one too!) and the other was a soul journal bookmark swap with Sarah W over at .

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Prompts from Sherre

This is my version of a self portrait. And there is space for more. I am a never ending creation. The other page I used a piece of cardboard to make the lines to journal on. I had to search to find a piece of cardboard that didn't have the ripples real close together. These were from prompts over at .

She Danced

This is something I have been working on. I saw this image in a magazine and felt it would be something fun to play with. I used it as a silhouette in one of my journals. I will play with this later. I used the silhouette again on one of my recycled journal pages. I had a whole other color scheme in mind. But I ended up with pinks, blues & greens. I am not usually a big fan of pink. She was fun to work on!! I am working on my lettering styles. I am finding that practicing can be fun. Aimee over at has a lot of fun with her lettering.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Hopes and Dreams

This is my interpretation of Kathryn's prompt Dream Weaver. I wasn't real happy with the end result of my weaving. I didn't find any "sweet spots". I attempted to make it look like a basket. The top blue strips are part of the weaving. I added flower pics behind them. It is a pocket, but I felt that small items would be hard to retrieve from it, so I added the brown bag to the other page. In that I have some left over weaving strips with my "hopes & dreams" written on them. I backed them with a purple paper and added fuzzy yarn. I figure I can use them like bookmarks.
While working on this I got to use my new toys-water soluble oil pastels! I used them to color the "basket". New toys are fun!! My sister (my WONDERFUL sister, if she is reading this) gave me an AC Moore gift card for christmas. So I bought a few fun items! I found a water pen to add to my supplies. The one thing I couldn't find was glossy card stock!!! I wanted to try a technique from the arttechnique yahoo group's 08 fat book technique swap. I didn't realize how difficult it would be to find!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy New Year

Well these pictures are placed strangely. I have been trying to arrange them but have had no luck. I learned a few things for next time. Life got a little, maybe a lot crazy lately. But I have had time to do some creating. The top pic is the soul journal prompt unmasking the soul. I started it along while ago. It took me a while to finish it. I think it is done now. The next pic is where I got brave and put a drawing in one of my journals. She isn't done yet. Also my writing practice. The next two pics were done the same day. They are the front & back of a page. I was hurting that day. The bottom was from what I could remember of looking at Jesse Russo's link. (which I didn't save so I can't link to it) . I will have to look around and find it. I like trying new styles, learning from them and taking bits and pieces from each one. So now it's time to catch up and look around at others blogs!! Oh yeah, I am working on my self portrait and my dreams page for the soul journal.