Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy New Year

Well these pictures are placed strangely. I have been trying to arrange them but have had no luck. I learned a few things for next time. Life got a little, maybe a lot crazy lately. But I have had time to do some creating. The top pic is the soul journal prompt unmasking the soul. I started it along while ago. It took me a while to finish it. I think it is done now. The next pic is where I got brave and put a drawing in one of my journals. She isn't done yet. Also my writing practice. The next two pics were done the same day. They are the front & back of a page. I was hurting that day. The bottom was from what I could remember of looking at Jesse Russo's link. (which I didn't save so I can't link to it) . I will have to look around and find it. I like trying new styles, learning from them and taking bits and pieces from each one. So now it's time to catch up and look around at others blogs!! Oh yeah, I am working on my self portrait and my dreams page for the soul journal.


femminismo said...

Hey, I like your weaving because it looks like mine did - not too many sweet spots! It's hard to see the important things get obscured and maybe that's a good lesson for both of us. They're still there even though we can't see them and only we can bring them out of hiding and make them real! I like the bottom journal page with the nose and eyes peeking out of the color. Thanks for putting me on your blog. jeanne in Oregon, one day at a time

Christy said...

I love your mask pages. I'd say there a bit of soul in those yep! I like your drawing, you should do more they look great. I've never heard of Jesse, but I like that bottom page. Love the colors there and the bits of drawing.