Friday, January 9, 2009

Hopes and Dreams

This is my interpretation of Kathryn's prompt Dream Weaver. I wasn't real happy with the end result of my weaving. I didn't find any "sweet spots". I attempted to make it look like a basket. The top blue strips are part of the weaving. I added flower pics behind them. It is a pocket, but I felt that small items would be hard to retrieve from it, so I added the brown bag to the other page. In that I have some left over weaving strips with my "hopes & dreams" written on them. I backed them with a purple paper and added fuzzy yarn. I figure I can use them like bookmarks.
While working on this I got to use my new toys-water soluble oil pastels! I used them to color the "basket". New toys are fun!! My sister (my WONDERFUL sister, if she is reading this) gave me an AC Moore gift card for christmas. So I bought a few fun items! I found a water pen to add to my supplies. The one thing I couldn't find was glossy card stock!!! I wanted to try a technique from the arttechnique yahoo group's 08 fat book technique swap. I didn't realize how difficult it would be to find!!!


Christy said...

I love your hopes and dreams weaving and your pretty pocket. I like the idea of using your extra strips as bookmarks. What a sweet way to remember them too, opening a page and finding a dream there... I think the 'sweet spots' were a little bit manufactured and thus you won't find them unless you write on your strips in a certain way. Glossy card stock can be found in any office supply store. But don't get photo paper, it's not the same.

aimee said...

yum, new art pastels! what fun!

the lettering just takes lots of playing and experimenting... try using fine tip microns (.03 or .01) - they're great!

Mar said...

you are on the soul journal group
so am i!
your dreamweave page turned out really nice

the colors are pretty