Monday, January 25, 2010

See I Do Still Art Journal & An Ink Question For You

I have been watching the wonderful Milliande work in her art journal. You can see her here .

These 2 pages are done by putting masking tape on the page first. Then some ink & acrylic paint. Remove the masking tape. Which is the fun part, trying to decide which pieces went on last down to first!!! I saved the tape & put it in another journal. Then I sprayed the pages with food coloring (the blue). Then I used some Golden Interference blue (fine) on a stamp. Which shows up really well in these pics!? After all of that dried, I doodled with my black cat ink & dip pen. I still want to add more doodling to this.

This is also in response to Milliande. Her circle prompt. There's some security envelope, junk mail (that's where the heart came from), some painted pages, acrylic & gouache paint. Lastly some ink & my dip pen. This also needs some journaling on it! I like this first heart page better than the snowflake page. I ran out of the blue-grey mix of paint I used on the first page.

This is from an altered book. I love using books this way. The journaling "paper" on the right is a dried up baby wipe (a CLEAN one!!!) that I use to clean my brushes off on.
Does anyone have experience with the acrylic inks or drawing inks in various colors? I see Milliande uses them a lot. If you have used them is there a brand and/or color that you like? I was given a Dick Blick gift card for Christmas! I have a list going. So far I have Pan Pastels & the "knives" for them, sharpie poster paint pens in white (med & fine point) & maybe some Blick studio by Fabiano sheets of paper.


Lay Hoon aka mescrap said...

I just love the messy spread.

carolk said...

Hey Laura,I'm enjoying your blog- I would love to give you a list of my favorite art materials but my daughter is calling-got to put her to bed. Thanks for checking out my blog, CarolK.

Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

You have been so busy! I love all these pages you are doing... they are all so yummy! All these wonderful techniques that I am going to have to give a try! Thanks for the inspiration!