Monday, November 24, 2008

The Final Group

Ffeewww, finally done with the 24 twinchies (on a side note, my husband asked me what the heck is twin cheese!!)
These are: Gift myself, gift I was born with, of forgiveness, The Gift of..., of prayer, admired/remembered, of happiness, of kindness, of service.
Now to find out what Kathryn has planned next for us to do with these!!!


KathrynAntyr said...

Twin Cheese ~ ROFL.

I really like the gift you give yourself - I need to give this one to myself. I can freeze up and not create because I'm afraid to take chances. Tonight in my mixed media painting class I was taking some chances and there was a barrier of fear to work through. My teacher tells us to not worry about it just go for it.

morningDove said...

these are all wonderful and congrats on finishing all 24. Twin cheese - i love it. My fav i think is Miss takes with the smiley face. love the words you chose to express/capture the title.