Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Handy Work

These are so enjoyable to do. I used some henna art in them. It is amazing what a few little marks on some paper can add up to! Give it a try!! Let me know what you come up with! Have Fun!


Mar said...

i love the whole zen in a zentangle doodle
it helps rein in the thoughts

post your vision board here...i don't really care for going to the group photos
i like coming to the blog it has a more personal visit

Aimeslee said...

hi laura kay. i'm new to soul journal and blissfully art groups, and saw your link in your group post.

really cool *hand*work, lol. i'll have to come back and read more when i have more time.

thanks for the henna link, looks interesting.


Laura Kay said...

Good thought Mar! Did you post yours? I'll be visiting to see :) !

Becci said...

I had no idea the markings had meaning! That is so neat!

Thanks for visiting my blog too! I love Cream of Wheat this way and since it got colod here again I'm thinking that is a good idea for breakfast this morning!

The chick and egg pic was sent to me in an email is super funny, isn't it!

Have a great hair day! Becci

Pixie said...

WOW! I love these! I am so going to have to try this..

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

KathrynAntyr said...

I love these hands. What a great idea!

LaY hOoN said...

This is so cool !!
Thanks for inspired me for the idea to prepare for the Soul Journal ~ Mandala.

Joanie Hoffman said...

These are great!
What inspiration...
Happy days,
p.s. where in Md are you? I'm in Calvert County.