Thursday, March 5, 2009

Some Great Blogs -- It May Change How You Journal!!!

I just saw this link from Rice (I don't know how to do the 2 dots above the e) at http://voodoonotes. blogspot. com/ posted it. You should visit her blog as well. She has journal spanks and that's what she does, wakes you up and gets you going!!!!! Roz has some great insights. Points out the obvious. Just relax and journal about YOUR life. Hell yeah it's interesting enough. I like that she writes down snippets of the conversations she and her friends are having and what she hears from passersby. So when you read it years later you will be able to recall that day!!!!! Go look and read. It will make you smile.

I think I will go use my ac moore coupon and get a small spiral bound watercolor journal. One to carry with me and write down and draw MY everyday. Just think of all of those comments people make that make you smile. They can all go in that journal!!!

This is another way to create everyday.


Mar said...

cleverly inspiring mentions for me to go see..thank you for igniting the sparks...
i love the spanks reference

Aimeslee said...

YES! I get so sick of everyone painting or drawing or collaging the same crap. Originality tends to flow once we just quit trying and just do.

My girlfriend says, good lord, I'd never want to create anything GOOD in my journal, cuz then I'd haveta tear it out!