Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Real Blanket Stitch Found & French Press Info

This is what the correct stitching looks like!!!!!

If you want to know about sewing with the blanket stitch, my sister found this tutorial from futuregirl

It is so well written & even has pictures to show the process!!!!


Freebird asks about my last post. I hope this clears up my mud! If not let me know!!!
A cozy is a "sweater" to wrap around my press to keep my coffee warm for a longer time.

This is a French Press Coffee Maker. I believe this one is made by Clover. (I got the pick off the web)

And here is a pretty good article on how to use one. I learned that if I stir the grounds & water, using a chopstick (I'll use my plastic ones) so I don't break the glass pot, it enhances the coffee taste even more! This one has pictures too!!
So now on to better stitching & brewing for us all!!!


freebird said...

Oh, I've got it now. Thanks for answering. I had heard of and used tea cozies (before the microwave came out) but never heard of these or even that coffee maker.

futuregirl said...

I'm so glad my tutorial helped you out! :) Thanks for linking to me. :)

juliet said...

your cozy looks like a bracelet at first glance. i like it for either purpose. i also think your guerilla journals are wonderful. they are so free.

Lay Hoon aka mescrap said...

Thanks for the link.
I just wonder how to sew a nice felt then I found the link you posted on your blog.