Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Painted Papers

Well these are 2 of my painted papers to use in my Soul Journal. Plus a kitty tail. She usually has paint or glue on her somewhere. I enjoy doing backgrounds. I struggle with the composition part of a page. On my work table I have the torn out pages from a book to help protect the table top. (The table is already covered with an old shower curtain. So I guess I am protecting the shower curtain!) I use these papers as a place to glue, to check the color of a pen, to protect things when painting & to glue down the bits of paper that always accumulate. You get the point. These end up being background papers eventually.

I also like to do canvas work. Recently abstracts with acrylics & mixed media. Which, to me, is like making backgrounds. While doing backgrounds I have to remind myself that repitition is better and to try and create numerous "sweet spots".


Mar said...

like these too!

femminismo said...

You have found lots of serendipity here, in these colors and marks. Great background material. - jeanne from soul journal

rhonda said...

I was painting some backgrounds the other day. When I finished and was cleaning up, I noticed how pretty the newspaper was that was underneath my work. I wound up tearing off pieces of it that I liked and put it in my journal. It was turquoise and lavender shades.